Drone Remote Sensing & Imagery Provider

In today’s agriculture industry, growers need every advantage to protect their investment. ANAXeye LLC. provides growers with the latest technology in aerial remote sensing. By using NDVI, NDRE, and RGB imagery, we can successfully determine stressed areas, increasing the efficiency of ground truthing.

The grower can react quicker with instant detailed data regarding specific areas of plant variability that can assist in improving their crops yield.

ANAXeye LLC. can typically generate a quick map on-sight giving the grower a snap-shot of the current field’s crop health.

•Crop scout for parasites and fungi
•Weed and pest pressure
•Analyze stand establishment
•Assess storm damage
•Farm data management
•Management zones
•General elevation maps
•Richer plant insights by easily layering historical data sets
•Data integration with all major agriculture platforms