Drone Remote Sensing & Imagery Provider

Our specialized flying UAV’s are capable of capturing high resolution digital images and video close to the structure thus getting a bird’s eye view of the structure and any potential damage. This allows for a more accurate assessment without the risk. It is a much faster and more efficient means of visual inspection than being on the ground. Drone maps and models make it easier and more efficient to manage work as it happens and monitor site progress over time. Your project managers can use us daily to produce accurate 2D and 3D surface data for use throughout the project.

We can also assist Home Inspectors by providing digital media of homes that are difficult and dangerous to navigate. We are able to collect the roof structure, gutters and other areas such as chimney’s that are hard for the Home Inspector to assess safely.

  • Stockpile measurement: Instantly measure stockpile volumes so you can make on-the-spot decisions about your materials needs.
  • Safety improvements: Identify safety concerns in real time, so your team can address them quickly. Reduce the time employees and contractors spend on roofs, steep slopes, and other dangerous areas.
  • Management oversight: Keep real-time tabs on projects with regularly updated overhead maps. For in-depth analysis, zero in on key areas, often with enough resolution to see individual studs.
    Site progress: 
  • Track progress against 3D models and aerial views.